With Lions Head closed for well deserved maintenance (8 January to 15 February 2019) the center piece of our beautiful city is sure to get a load more visitors! The great news is that there are SO many different routes up that it wont ever feel crowded like Lions Head can sometimes.

Before we give you some amazing tips of getting your backsides up that amazing mountain we feel slightly obliged to geek out and share some super rad facts in the next paragraph.. if you are just here for the juicy details on how to get up you are more than welcome to skip..

Geeking out:

Most people don’t know but Table Mountain is one of the oldest mountains on the planet! Formed during the ice age waaaay before the Rockys and Himalayas. The shifting sheets of ice moved back and forth carving the rock down to the relatively flat surface known as the Table Top. It would have been all over during the shifting of the plates where most fold mountain collapse in on themselves, Except table Mountain has a rock solid base made from molten granite that hardened underneath the softer sandstone so instead of crumbling it kept its shape .. Voila.. Table Mountain

Geek over..

Getting up Table Mountain is no joke and for goodness sake don’t hike in the middle of the day during summer!! Most people get evacuated due to dehydration.. its sounds nuts but its true. Cape Town summers are intense!

The most direct way up the face of the mountain is Platteklip Gorge (PlatteKlip means flat stone but this hike is anything but FLAT) you will walk up steep steps so take it slow. It should take 1-3 hrs depending on your fitness level. The hike starts on Tafelberg Rd past the Cable Station, we suggest using the Cable car to get down unless you want to walk down in to Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens.

Skeleton Gorge Via Kirstenbosch is one of our faves and is a great option for when its really hot as the trees along the ravine offer great shade and protection from the sun. Do not do this hike after rains though as it can be very slippery.

If you would like to try out some more challenging routes, India Venster is great but you should go with someone that knows the route. The problem here is that some places will need a climb and if you get a bit lost climbing down some sections can be very dangerous if not impossible.. queue the rescue helicopters

You can also ascend the mountain from Camps Bay side, along the pipe track. You will be further from the face of the mountain but the views are spectacular and there are some dams at the top (swimming is R500 a fine so dont get caught!) If you feel like treating yourselves consider walking down the Constantia Jeep Track and wetting your beak at La Parada for an ice cold beer! You would have earned it !